New York Stop Smoking


Relaxing sounds and conversation. A soothing voice creating trance…

One of the most basic scientific rules of how the brain operates informs us that no matter how long someone has had a habit or how strong that habit is change is possible.

Hypnosis can create this change. Tailored to you, we harness the latest wisdom from brain science and human behavior and combine it to create new habits and beliefs. You can make the change you want with hypnosis.

We offer a Stay-With-You-Guarantee which states:

Upon payment of the program fee in full, we’ll provide you with:

  • The specified amount of sessions within your program
  • The ability to redo a session if not fully satisfied
  • Free Reinforcement. Upon successful change, if you ever revert back to previous behaviors Mind and Body Hypnosis will provide reinforcement sessions (up to 1 per month, maximum 6 per year) at no additional charge. As people vary, so will the time duration needed for goal attainment.

You are More Amazing than You Know