About Joel Elfman

Mind and Body Hypnosis by Joel Elfman is all about helping you usher in change to your life. Learn how hypnosis can help you start making real change in your life today.
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Change is easier than you think.

I’m Joel Elfman, Coach, Consultant, Hypnotist, Trainer.

When people ask about my origin story, I share how for most of my life I’ve sat uneasily on a 3-legged stool, wobbling back & forth between a wild imagination, physical activities, and the expectations of others or society.

-The truth is my struggle began before I was born, for I am a fraternal twin, the 2nd egg that arrived fashionably late to the womb party. While mind & body claimed their place, my heartbeat was so faint, that the doctors never told my parents they were having twins.

⁃ As a young boy, the challenge continued, I did Modern Dance, until it didn’t seem like the thing boys should normally do. Since my teenage years, I’ve dabbled in various forms of martial arts, enjoying the breath and movement, yet I consistently let work or life drag me away from what I enjoyed.

⁃ I was a voracious reader of science fiction and fantasy. Even when my father tried to push classical literature on me, I couldn’t deny the world of endless possibilities.

⁃ The consistent push and pull of thinking differently & trying to conform to society, and a father that had very specific ideas of what should be kept me a shy and nervous person most of my life.

⁃ And then came the fateful day that I wandered into a New Age crystal shop, and found a free newspaper offering a 1/2 day class in hypnosis. I was curious but scared. Would they make me cluck like a chicken or sign away all my money? Would I transform, would I still be stuck?

⁃ From the beginning of closing my eyes, going inside, and connecting to myself, I knew there was something here for me. I could create as many new worlds for myself and for others as I read on a printed page.

⁃ Hypnosis has been a beautiful gift to me, helping me become more confident and relaxed, and allowing me to help an amazing array of people. It led me back to martial arts and Eastern practices where I learned to incorporate body and energy work.

⁃ I found that combining hypnosis with body and energy work got me and my clients better results much faster. The body is as much a part of our unconscious as our mind and it always speaks the truth to us. In the union of mind and body, we are uniquely ourselves. We get to create a place in the world where we belong, regardless of what anyone else might think or say.

If you are ready to embrace a happier, more confident you, getting more done, easily & effortlessly, and feeling better about life then we should talk.

Creating Change

I work with you creating change where mind and body meet; where your conscious and unconscious operate together synergistically; where your accumulated experience inspires you, instead of limits you. I invite your mind and your body to unwind, release patterns of stress, habit and belief. We invoke your positive resources to achieve your goals and create fulfilling, fully-realized solutions. You will achieve more from life through your evolution.

Building New Paths

We are all creatures of pattern, habit and belief. Patterns most often created when we were younger and under stress. In a moment we made the best decision we could to resolve the situation. Over time that choice has become habit. And some habits have become more frustration, than short term relief.. This patterns or beliefs, cascades of neurons, thoughts, sensations, feelings has carved pathways in our brains like ruts in a road. Together we can build a new and better paths connecting mind and body. With simple conversation, moments of hypnotic trance and the natural relaxation that occurs on a massage table or in a chair we can redraw the landscape, fill in ruts and potholes, create new pathways and landscapes so you get the results you want and achieve your desires.

My Skills

I’m well-trained in a number of modalities. I’m a certified hypnotist with over 13 years experience, a NLP Trainer and a coach. I’ve studied with a number of top trainers in NLP & hypnosis including Jonathan Altfeld, Doug O’Brien, Anne Linden, John Overdurf, Stephen Gilligan, Robert Dilts, Dave Dobson, Frank Farrelly and others.

I’m also a NY state licensed and nationally certified massage therapist, a Reiki Master and I’ve explore many other mind, body and energy modalities as well.

The Focus Is You

You are unique and the answer to your problem is unique as well. You have the answers and resources within you and together we will draw them out. And there are always multiple pathways to help you achieve your goals.

You Are Amazing

You have an amazing array of knowledge within you. You have survived, learned and grown for years and years. Most of your skills are highly successful and only a small handful of habits, beliefs, skills serve you poorly. Together we bring forth those better pars of you, make them more consistent, more easily accessible and a more integrated part of you.

My Background

I am a native of New York City, grew up in Manhattan, and has spent most of my life in this amazing city. I’ve also spent time in upstate New York, lived in Paris and traveled throughout the US and Europe.

For many years was in marketing and later worked as a paralegal. While in those careers, I began to extensively study NLP, hypnosis and other mind, body and energy modalities. I’ve multiple certifications as hypnotist, NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner from Anne Linden, Doug O’Brien, Melissa Tiers and others. Finally, all the things I’d been studying called him to start upon a new path. To begin to coach and work with others on a full-time basis.

While working as a hypnotist and NLP Master Practitioner, I also studied massage at The Swedish Institute and the Finger Lakes School of Massage. After certifying and licensing in massage, I received his NLP Trainer’s certification from John Overdurf. And I continues to study hypnosis, NLP, bodywork, energywork and other modalities that help create change.


Quit Smoking

Make smoking a thing of your past. You can expect a change in your ability to weild power over you addiction, and long lasting success using hypnosis to quit smoking.

Lose Weight

The battle of the bulge is played out mostly in your mind. Understandably, hypnosis is both powerful and effective in adjusting your belt size.

Gain Confidence

Confidence – or a lack of confidence – will have a profound impact on your experience through your life. Hypnosis cuts straight through to what matters most, and can begin improving your confidence from the very first session.

Reduce Stress

Want the ability to switch off the noise, the tension, the stress? Hypnosis can calm your mind, relax your body, and envigorate your thought patterns. Best of all, you can learn how to do this yourself, whenever you want.