MythBuster 01 – Strong Willpower Will Always Win vs. Emotions

Fact 1 – Your unconscious is about 100X faster than your conscious mind. Whatever exercise of will you wanted to make is long gone, before willpower can stop it. Basically, your horse is off to the races, and crossing the finish line, before you can even grab the reins. And way too often, we award ourselves with angst & self-recrimination for a race rigged against us.

Fact 2– Willpower is about exerting self-control, against emotion, danger or pleasure. Not only does this seem inefficient & challenging, but far too many people seem to be at constant war with themselves, adding stress & turmoil. 

Fact 3– Your willpower is limited. It will raise or lower depending on physical & mental health,  vitality, energy levels, stress, trauma, sleep, emotion &/or what else is on your mind.
I once had a client who had been struggling to quit smoking for over 10 years. They had tried a number of methods including using a nicotine patch, and quitting cold turkey, but nothing worked. Using hypnosis, together, we were able to help them change their internal thinking so they could finally be a non-smoker.

How does hypnosis work?

Fact 4– Hypnosis slows down your bolting colt, and can even turn off those learned knee jerk responses, beliefs, and habits that you’ve been struggling to have willpower harness. It allows you to reset, and make new and better choices. If willpower hasn’t been getting you the wins you want, let’s talk hypnosis. Schedule a discovery

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